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Substitute Organists



The Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) maintains a list, published here, of its members willing to serve as substitutes. Please note that all information is self-identified by those who submit their name for inclusion in this roster. The chapter is unable to confirm any details except that each name identifies an individual who is a full member in good standing of the American Guild of Organists, and cannot determine or ensure that any individual will fulfill the needs of any given situation.


Negotiating parties are responsible for matching requirements, skills, payment, etc.


If you are seeking a substitute, you should contact individuals to confirm specific information, such as education, experience, denominational familiarity, and recent substitute engagements.


Please send a message with pertinent information to if you would like to be added to the A2AGO substitute list.  


Sarah Albright

(734) 761-7712;


Cary Dumas 

(734) 255-8777;

Experience in most denominations, especially Catholic; available most weekends.

Dr. Paul Haebig

Available Sundays.  

Three decades experience, including Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Jewish congregations.

Dr. Timothy Huth 

(734) 930-9940;

Available and looking for sub work: Saturdays (including RC masses), weddings, and funerals. 

Experience in all denominations. Not available Sunday a.m.


Dr. Michele Johns 

(734) 846-3825 [cell]


Marilyn Largin 

(734) 358-8586 [cell]


Christian Matijas-Mecca 

(734) 548-1862 [cell]; 734-647-9269 [work]   


Joy Schroeder  

Available late December and in the summer.


Julie Stevens

(781) 572-8881 [cell]

Experienced in all denominations (especially Lutheran). 

Available most weekends and weekday evenings


Margarete Thomsen

(734) 620-2661 [cell]; (734) 451-9678 [home]


Marijim Thoene

(734) 272-2454;

Not available on Sunday mornings


Dr. Dave Wagner

(313) 433-7760; or


Kyle Webber


Available for weddings and funerals. Previously served as Director of Music and Organist at Chelsea First United Methodist Church for 9 years.  Experience in organ, choir, handbells and praise band.  

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